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Events 2008

I am not new to the world of events.  Most of the time I attend conventions then search my brain to apply part of what was covered to something in my life. Connections with hiring me you are going to see that I am loyal thorough in all I turn my attention to. You are going to be able count on this reliability too. Iam there for the long haul not one to get trained then leave.

>>>>> New Jersey Library Association

-        Conduct a Poster Session on  "“The Alternative Minimum Tax and Your Pay”  at the  New Jersey Library Association 2008 Annual Conference  on “Valuing Libraries, Librarians, and Staff”. Held April 29- May 1 2008 in Long Branch, New Jersey                   The Poster Session “The Alternative Minimum Tax and Your Pay” displays some Microsoft Excel worksheets. Here is a link to the worksheets as a workbook which can be printed and used as a guide (The calculations are NOT live. Always consult IRS Tax Form 6251 as deductions, exemptions, and tax rates on the AMT change from year to year.)

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Additional Poster Session Materials:

-               Microsoft Powerpoint  on  "The Alternative Minimum Tax and The Library Director's Salary in New Jersey" This was originally created and offered for a different conference but alas I was not chosen.

      Here is the link to -the file  


Also in 2008 I participated in a Continuous Improvement project through work. I was the team leader for our library and worked on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other types of measurement projects in an effort to help our library become more efficient at managing our Inter Library Loan process. We all did a good job by shaving 2 minutes off of the processing of materials coming in to our library for our customers to borrow and going out from our library to other libraries in our consortia for their customers to use temporarily. At the end of the project I represented our team by presenting a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation among our peers in the workshop.