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Please check the sections and the web site links presented. check :
- Citations to writings and links to passages;
- Presentations done or applied for and take whatever messages you get, then use peaceful passages to get you views over, to get to the point; there no need to reinvent the wheel. Let us move on from there.

- Awards.



   What  type of librarian would I be if I did not relish research!  Courses reads conversations with all I encounter , inspired me to to write.  Take wise writing opinions to heart- write on topics you know....


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       Check my blog for example, it contains data on  things I am turning to , as well as the occasional rant.   Make a comment if you would like. Or simply click the link at left and send an E-mail about my web site, my business, or my site's topic.

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This is a new area for me and it intrigues me. I am not the type to be called on to do public speaking.  I am better in pretty small groups . One avenue that is centralized and should capture all authors- talk about things you are passionate about. You got the knowledge spread your wings keep it simple forge on....



This is where I will include Awards for which I have nominated a person or persons. And, I will list here any awards I have earned, should that happen. Give me a chance- like the saying let peace get a chance  I am on it...